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USAV Updates & Documents

2/13/2024 - Planned Maintenance: SportsEngine HQ 2/20

Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice:

We will be performing planned maintenance to SportsEngine HQ on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 from 5:00am CT to 6:00am CT. During this time, you may experience some brief intermittent issues with processing payments within SportsEngine HQ. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

This scheduled maintenance affects: SportsEngine HQ (Financials - invoicing, reporting, payment processing).

1/8/2024 - Planned Season Management Maintenance - AM 1/9

Heads up on scheduled maintenance for season management tool in the early morning hours tomorrow:

SE will be performing planned maintenance to season management within SportsEngine HQ on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, from 4:00 am CT to 6:00 am CT.

During this time, you may experience some brief intermittent issues as we work on upgrades to our system(s).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

12/14/2023 - AES 11U Membership Update

The AES product team has confirmed that the 11 & Under membership will validate in AES beginning Thursday, December 14th.  

This update allows for anyone with an 11 & Under membership to verify as eligible to participate for regional events. The membership will not be eligible for national events (qualifiers and championships). 

12/11/2023 System Slowness Resolution

Today and issue with a 3rd party plug-in that was causing system slowness and loading issues was identified and resolved by SportsEngine. 

System issues can be tracked at this link:

12/8/2023 Multi-Factor Authentication

USAV Region Admins,

Starting in 2024, SportsEngine will be rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to all SportsEngine HQ admins. This will be required for any SportsEngine HQ admin to ensure security of accounts and enable security measures that are consistent with industry standards.  SportsEngine and NBC treat security and your data seriously and want to ensure all aspects of the systems that house your data, and your participants data have industry level protocols to reduce risk of issues wherever possible.  Multi-Factor Authentication of login is yet another step at further securing our systems against bad actors attempting to gain access to your accounts maliciously.  In our first release, MFA will only be available for Administrators of SportsEngine HQ, but later in 2024 will be optional for all users of the SportsEngine system.  

We are excited to announce that we are providing all USAV Region Admins early access to complete the onboarding process to MFA prior to our full release in January of 2024.  This is to ensure that you and your group have time to review and see firsthand how the overall onboarding flows work.   

We have taken many steps to ensure this process is smooth and simple but have also allowed for a “skip for now” button during the onboarding flows to allow for administrators to bypass the onboarding in case of any issues that may arise during onboarding into MFA.  This feature will continue to be available throughout most of Q1 2024 while we review key data points to ensure that no one is getting blocked within the onboarding flows. 

To complete these steps, first make sure you are logged into your Admin SE HQ account. If you are not logged in, the link below will not work. 

Next, please go to this link ( to complete the MFA steps.  

A screenshot of a security account

Description automatically generatedA screenshot of a phone registration form

Description automatically generated 

Once completed, you will be onboarded into the MFA process.  If you are logged out or attempt to log into another machine, browser or device, you will be required to use another factor of authentication besides your password. 

After completing the setup for Multi-Factor Authentication, share your thoughts! Take our quick survey to help us evaluate and improve the experience. 

Thank you for taking part in this early release!  


12/6/2023 SafeSport Course Completion Glitch

Good evening, Region leadership,

Tonight, we learned that the Absorb LMS (the system used by Safe Sport for their coursework) is not receiving progress updates from some users when a course is completed.  Safe Sport reports that this is affecting only a very small number of users, and they have been working with Absorb on this issue at the highest levels to find a timely resolution.

We understand your members may be affected, and we realize some of these cases are a high priority as some clubs need to verify rosters for this coming weekend.

Until their system has been fully restored, Safe Sport has provided the following statement and path for those needing urgent assistance:

If you experience an issue where a member has completed the required Safe Sport course but has not received appropriate credit for the completion, please submit a request to Members of USOPC-affiliated NGBs - Learning Service & Support - Jira Service Management ( Please identify that the user has not received credit for the completed course and include the affected member’s first name, last name, membership ID, email address and/or username. The request will be addressed at the highest priority.

Safe Sport has promised priority attention to any incoming USA Volleyball tickets, but please keep our Customer Support Team ( in the loop if you are not finding quick resolve via this path. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We're here to help.

Thank you,

Michelle & the USAV Membership Services team

11/22/2023 Thanksgiving Holiday Support

Happy Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday weekend!


USA Volleyball will be closed starting at noon today and will reopen next Monday morning.  I did want to provide you with some customer support information should you need assistance.


The general email inbox will have limited coverage by the USAV Customer Support Team on Thanksgiving day but will be back to regular on-call in season coverage over the weekend. 


SportsEngines customer support schedule follows:

  • Thanksgiving:  Closed
  • Day after Thanksgiving:  Limited Coverage
  • Saturday:  9:00am – 6:00pm CT
  • Sunday:  9:00am – 6:00pm CT


As always, in an emergency, please follow the communicated escalation instructions contained in the following link:  System Communication and Escalation Processes (MMS/AES)


The USAV Customer Support Team

11/16/2023 Upcoming RVAA Huddle 11/21

Join us next Tuesday for a deeper dive into the NEW​ HIROS Initiative and come share your Best Practices on all things surrounding spectator behaviors!

Stacie Kearns will join us for a brief on HIROS and we'll provide you with some tools to launch if desired.


Does your Region participate in the Purple Card Initiative?
Do you have any programs to encourage POSITIVE fan behaviors? 
Would love to hear from you as we hope to discuss these programs as well. Reply here to fill me in, and if you're free next week, would love to invite you to say a few words on it.



Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - 1pm MT-1:45pm MT


Meeting ID: 943 6603 0549

Passcode: 422101

11/15/2023 SE Login Changes

Apologies for the confusion in regards to the new SportsEngine login page

We had to update the log in process at as it now supports all of our products instead of just HQ. 

Historically, our SSO login process has not been a single process across all of SportsNext products, and multiple URL’s are used to access the products your organization owns. To solve this, we created a new page that allows you to select which product you want to log into.

In the future,  we plan to improve this experience so that you are able to log in via SSO and have it take you to a profile dashboard. This dashboard will pull in any org/team/account/tourney across all products that you as an admin have access to.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Best Regards,
NBC Sports Next

11/13/2023 Membership Purchase and Club Assignments Processing Issues

The release of the profile module last week produced some issues when a member was directed to purchase a membership or when a membership was being assigned to a club when their profile was missing certain pieces of information.  Three quick changes were made to improve the overall flows and SE will continue to work to iterate on a few items to better the process.  Once all bugs are addressed, it is expected that these new changes will provide better paths to completing membership purchases and club assignments moving forward, as our research has suggested. 




  • Issue related to missing information when a user came to Club Assignment

    • Quick Fix: Reverted back portions of the flow with Club Assignment to use the old Form flows

    • Still working to adjust the profile module to be used within the club assignment flow but it will probably not be released until after Thanksgiving

  • Issue related to missing information regarding DOB on an individual’s record - FULLY RESOLVED

    • Use Case: An issue was found when a user created a child profile within a registration and the registration was NOT asking for DOB, then user went to purchase a membership for that child profile and the Membership purchase flow was not expecting this case in the new Profile Module

    • Fix: Adjusted missing information pops within Membership Purchase to ensure DOB is filled out and if not is asked for during sub-profile (Child) membership purchase.

  • Payment Could Not Be Processed Error During Membership Checkout
    • Last week it was noticed that some members were running into a “payment could not be processed” error during checkout.  After a review of payment logs, it was determined that this was happening when payment was being made with a MasterCard debit card that required entry of a PIN. At this time members must use a different method of payment until this issue is resolved.


  • Issue related to missing address on the Main Account (Account Owner/Self Profile) and Sub profile was being registered for membership - FULLY RESOLVED (Additional nice-to-haves to be worked on)
    • Fix: Adjust missing information to allow for entry of sub-profile address and link address to both sub-profile and self-profile (Account Owner).
    • Use Case: Self Profile never had to provide an address but the membership required an address for purchase.  In the past, we provided form fields to fill in and fill in again the address over and over.  To make the flow easier we removed these, but this caused an issue b/c the address was required, but the address was no longer present.
    • Ideas for future iteration: Adjust flow to show address at profile picker and identify when the address is not on the profile to allow for the user to add the address prior to getting past the profile picker page. (Allow for Edit of the Address as well as the other PII on the profile)
  • Issue related to Club Assignment link after creating account and accepting club assignment throwing you to MySE
    • Note: This issue has been present for some time.  ISSUE BEING WORKED ON NOW - TO BE LIVE BY TOMORROW MORNING OR EARLIER
    • Fix: Adjust the link to redirect back to the Membership purchase flow after the account verification step.

10/16/2023 RVA Huddle #2 and Safe Sport Outage Reminder

Commissioners, Principal Reps, Registrars, and select staff,

Hello!  I trust this finds you well. 

Just a few notes for you this week including the friendly reminder of Huddle #2 and the upcoming planned SS interruption.

Take care. See you soon!




Date:  Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Time: 1pm-1:45pm MT

Login Information: *NEW LINK*

Meeting ID: 995 6148 3567

Passcode: 500468

Find your local call-in number (if a phone call is necessary to attend):

Topic: Coach Education Best Practices!

In a carryover from our RVAA Meetings 2 weeks ago, we are providing a bit more time for discussion of this popular meeting topic—Coach Education!

We have invited our colleagues from our USAV Coach Ed team (including confirmed guest—Lauren Walker) and together we will explore best practices in Coach Ed!

Is Coach Ed working for your Region? Please be ready to share your tricks and best practices!



Just a reminder that next Wednesday the SafeSport courses will be down for updates. Additionally, as previously discussed, any member who is in progress at the time of the shutdown will lose that progress. Please encourage your members to finish their coursework before (or after) next Wednesday. [NOTICE FOUND HERE]


10/4/2023 SportsEngine Fall Meeting Presentation

9/6/2023 SafeSport Course Update Downtime - October 25th

Region Principal Reps & Registrars,

Long-range heads up:

On October 25, 2023, the Center will be conducting an update to its SafeSport courses and if a member is in the middle of their training and has not completed it by October 25, they may lose all progress and have to start over. See the announcement below.

I’ll send another note as the date draws near.

Thanks all!


9/1/2023 Membership Purchase Issue

USAV staff and SE are aware of the issues with the membership purchase flow occurring this morning. The SportsEngine team is working on this and it is top priority.  Please submit a help desk ticket as this helps customer support understand the full scope of the issue.  We will keep you updated as we have more information.

9:40 am: The issue has been identified and a solution put in place. If you are seeing continued issues, please let us know. 

8/31/2023 Club Director SportsEngine Playbook

Hi Region leaders,

This is a link to our first Club Administrator – SportsEngine Playbook: ​pdf icon

This document is intended to walk club directors through the basics of getting started in the Member Management System and completing important tasks in the system. While the playbook was curated for club admins, this is a tool Region staff may find helpful as well. The document contains active links, so is not intended for use in print.

This playbook includes:

  • Links to instructional videos on each topic
  • Directions for major club director processes in SportsEngine
  • Directions to share with coaches and parents for commonly asked SportsEngine questions

We’ve also developed a video playlist for the Club Administrator Playbook as well:

Feel free to share with your club admins as appropriate! If you notice any mistakes or things you think we should add, we’d love your feedback on how to improve the playbook in the future.

Good luck as you start the 2023-24 season!

Thank you,


USAV Regional Training-Season Management July 26, 2023