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SportsEngine & AES Junior Club Integration Process

For Junior Clubs they need to start by Adding the SportsEngine Integration to connect their SportsEngine & AES Club, then the Governing Season Integration needs to be added in order to allow the USAV Import and pairing of Governing Season teams.  Here is a video walking through this along with written steps and screenshots to accomplish this:

  1. Add SportsEngine Integration, this connects the AES Club to the SportsEngine club and allows SE Team Rosters (Premium) to be synced over into AES. 
    NOTE: All clubs should be using the Governing Season Integration to bring over USAV Governing Season Rosters into AES.

  2. Add Governing Season Integration, this is added after the SportsEngine Integration is completed and is used to connect the AES Club to the SportsEngine Governing Season to allow clubs to be able to pull over their Governing Season Approved Rosters over into AES to be added to events.

  3. Pair Teams or USAV Import

    1. “Pair Teams” will pull over Rosters from Governing Seasons to AES of Eligible & assigned members, this USAV Governing Season roster can be set for events with verified members.

    2. The "USAV Import" will add all Players & Staff with a membership assigned to that club from their SE HQ over to AES. These members are not on Rosters but can be manually rostered in AES once imported.


For Adults & Officials Clubs a “Verify USAV Membership” option is available to individually look up and validate a member's membership, regardless of club assignment.

For HP Clubs a CSV Import option is available to added members into those clubs with validated USAV Memberships.

How can I connect my MMS Rosters into AES?

To connect your rostering in Governing Seasons to AES, you must have an Organization set up in AES and have the appropriate role. 

  1. Add the SportsEngine Integration 

  2. Add the Governing Season Integration

  3. You can then pair your teams under Club Details > Teams. The SE Team Name column is to pair your team with a SE team page team (for SE Premium users only). The USAV Team Name column is to pair directly with your USAV Governing Season team (recommended). You'll want to double-click where it says Not Paired and a drop down menu will appear for you to add your teams. 

Then you can import your players and staff under Data Management > Import and USAV Import. This will bring all Players & staff with assigned memberships in your SE HQ into your AES club and they will be available to roster.

Be sure to click Update to save any changes you make before leaving the page you're on.

Do memberships need to be assigned to a club in SE to be verified in AES?

Yes, The USAV Import and Governing Season Team Integration (Team Pairing) will only move over Eligible memberships with assigned memberships in that club.

How do I get access to AES?

If you do not have a club in AES you can start by Logging in Creating your Club from the “Clubs” tab. If the existing club exists in AES, you will be prompted to contact the existing Admin to be provided the appropriate role.
If the existing Admin is not correct Contact AES support through the Blue need help tab or by visiting the Tech Support page.

Where do I go for Help with AES Questions?

For Club Directors or Tournament Directors support within AES the best place to go is the blue Need Help tab within AES and start a conversation with the Support team or to visit the Tech Support page.

How do I get my Event up and running in AES?

Club's looking to get Events up and running should first contact the Region to get their Event Sanctioned if needed first, if approved Clubs can use Contact Us to get in touch with AES for help with creating their event in AES.

How to apply waivers to rosters in the AES?

To apply waivers to rosters you must have the Region Commissioner Role in AES. To do this you can find the Team Roster on an event and use the “Waiver” column to approve players.

What are the different “Roles” in AES & what do they do?

Regional Commissioner

  • Waiver Players and Staff on affiliated Event Rosters
  • Verify Clubs within their Region
  • Access clubs to make changes
  • Run USAV Imports for a club if their integration has been setup
  • Submit Event Rosters for teams
  • Impersonate Club Directors

Tournament Director

  • Create Events in AES
  • Use Registration and AES Scheduler
  • Manage Teams that register for Events
  • Transfer teams to Different divisions
  • Transfer payments from one team to another
  • Waiver Player & Staff
  • Drop teams

Club Director

  • Add their USAV SE Integration
  • Pair Teams
  • Run USAV Import
  • Create Teams & Rosters
  • Register Teams for Events

Club Staff

  • Can NOT register teams or update rosters
  • CAN submit event results for team

Club Player

  • No Access/Permissions, typically unclaimed profiles


  • Register to Officiate at a Tournament

If a Region or Club Admin need assistance with getting the correct role updated in AES they can contact AES support through the Blue Need help Tab or Tech Support page.